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14 2498d 23h hairlesshobo /trunk/ - Moved percent to right side of progress bar
- Fixed read_bytes value (the counter was being added to only every 100 blocks, so when less than 100 blocks of a file remained, those bytes were omitted)
- Moved the DVD info to a seperate function
- Changed name of all pointers to end with _ptr
12 2505d 14h hairlesshobo /trunk/ Added TODO list  
11 2505d 14h hairlesshobo /trunk/ - Updated copyright header in vobmirror.c to reflect name change
- Added OldCopyright.txt to contain the original copyright header from vobmirror
- Removed get_vob_size() from dvd.c and dvd.h
- Removed get_used_space() from vobmirror.c and vobmirror.h
- Added get_disk_file_size() and get_disk_size() which use the DVDFileStat function in libdvdread to determine size (hint: more accurate!)
- Added calc_runtime() and print_final_stats() to vobmirror.c and vobmirror.h
- Added elapsed time counter to progress meter
- Added statistics about rip after it has completed. This include elapsed time, max read speed, average read speed, read bytes and written bytes. There is still an issue with read bytes not matching written bytes (read is smaller than written somehow)
- Cleaned up MB display of progress meter
10 2515d 18h hairlesshobo /trunk/ Fixed issue determining disk space usage introduced in revision 8  
9 2515d 19h hairlesshobo /trunk/ Removed two extra /'s in Makefile  
8 2515d 19h hairlesshobo /trunk/ - Removed longfile support (non needed since making exact mirrors, all files <= 1GB)
- Added -l (--license) option
- Updated makfile to remove largefile support
7 2516d 21h hairlesshobo /trunk/ Finished new progress meter  
6 2517d 15h hairlesshobo /trunk/ Continuing work on new progress meter  
5 2517d 17h hairlesshobo /trunk/ Makefile cleanup  
4 2517d 17h hairlesshobo /trunk/ More code changes and cleanup. When -w option specified, any .partial files encourtered will now be unlinked before attempting to open it. This fixes a bad file descriptor error when trying to rip over a previously failed rip.  
3 2518d 16h hairlesshobo /trunk/ Removed a lot of unnecessary code  
2 2518d 23h hairlesshobo /trunk/ Initial code import. Code copied from vobcopy and name changed. No code has been changed yet.  
1 2519d 00h hairlesshobo / Initial Import